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Eyelash extensions are a woman’s best kept secret.Life is Short, But Your Lashes Shouldn’t Be
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Lengthen your lashes without the use of makeup.

Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions

At Skin Brilliance, we believe confidence shines through your eyes. But when your eyelashes don’t quite match your personality, it can be difficult to showcase the bright and bubbly attitude within. With our custom-tailored lash services, you can put your best eyes forward and stand out in the crowd, while feeling confident and in control of your power.

Create a fresh, defined, and polished look without the added stress of purchasing mascara on a weekly basis. Lash extensions and tints can help frame your eyes and allow you to simply wake up and go. Lasting for weeks at a time, eyelash extensions are a comfortable beauty service that offer dramatic or subtle results. After your initial application, lash fills are recommended every two weeks to keep your lashes beautiful.

What Are You Waiting For?

Throw out the mascara and schedule your lash extension appointment with Skin Brilliance today.

Lash Extension Benefits

  • Enhances the look of your natural lashes
  • More dramatic than mascara
  • Increases eyelash growth
  • Save time & money on makeup application
Choose Your Treatment

Lash Extension Services

Our highly trained and licensed professionals provide you with several eyelash extension services to compliment your appearance. From bold and glamorous to full and natural, each lash extension set is customizable to suit your eye shape and accentuate the windows to your soul.

Full Set of Lash Extensions

Choose from a variety of styles and lengths with full set eyelash extensions from Skin Brilliance. This easy, in-office appointment is personalized to your eye shape and lash length, emphasizing your all-natural appearance.

Full Set of Volume Lashes

Bring a bolder look to your lashes with volume lash extensions. These extra thin, feather-like lashes last longer in between fills. Multiple extensions are attached to one natural lash to offer extreme fullness for the girl who wants to make a striking impression.

Lash Fills

Lash fills are required every 2-4 weeks to maintain your stunning new lashes. During your fill, our professionals will replace lash extensions that have fallen off and attach new extensions in areas newly grown lashes have formed.

Lash & Brow Tints

Achieve a more natural look with minimal maintenance with a lash or brow tint from Skin Brilliance. Ideal for an active lifestyle, lash and brow tints simplify your makeup routine and help provide beautiful definition to your new lashes.

Enhance Your Look with Lash Services from Skin Brilliance

Stop buying expensive mascara and get ready 10x faster in the morning with lash extensions. Whether you’re looking for a bold new change or want longer, more natural lashes, the professionals at Skin Brilliance are here for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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